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my collection of what can only be described as one poor soul's misguided attempts to do art and writing. mostly like done while lacking sleep and being super-powered by lots of caffeine. and the souls of orphans. rich, tasty orphans. j/k. but only about the last part. everything else is fundamentally true.

Random Favourites

Art on dA that is relevant to my interests, even if its cute and cuddly :3


Post-Apocalyptic Rooftop Dwelling by cpi
Post-Apocalyptic Rooftop Dwelling
Post-Apocalyptic Rooftop Dwelling.

Random Concept Art for The Saga: Life in the Post-Apocalypse.

Rooftop Dwelling on top of a heavily reinforced multi-tiered skyscraper, with the surrounding abandoned blocks converted into living space, a forward operations base and various other things.

Security and Comfort are the name of the game.

Ideal vantage point for defense & surveillance.

Just a small sample of urban living in the post-apocalyptic Quantum Age of Adventure and Wonder.
PostApocalypticVanitasWIP by cpi
Progress, progress, progress.

More details and progress on this vanitas shot.

Illusory Reality for the Synthetic Soul.

Faces, Forms, & Illusions in a world of shadow and light.

Simulacra & Simulation.
Throwback Tribute Complete, W/O Background by cpi
Throwback Tribute Complete, W/O Background

Inspired by the movies, books, comic books, videogames and other pop culture media of the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s that have a huge impact on my imagination and creativity.

The Highwayman. The Road Warrior. Wandering gunslinger and transporter, looking for a righteous cause. Borderline superhuman reflexes. Tough as nails. Brutal hand-to-hand-fighter. Shoutout to Mad Max Series, with little nods to Terminator Salvation and Crying Freeman.

The Space Marine. Spacebourne Infantry. Hard-charging, rough-and-tumble, elite badass. Veteran with dozens of combat tours on hundreds of different worlds. Bug killer. God slayer. Shoutout to Aliens franchise, with little nods to Starship Troopers, along with modern elements from current military trends. Unintentionally looks a little bit like Michael Fassbender. Camouflage pattern is courtesy of

The Lone Ranger. Post-Apocalypse Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol.  Member of an elite special operations element for a post-apocalyptic polity born from the ashes of a dead empire. Experts of bushcraft. According to rumors, their mastery of bushcraft is so extensive, they're half-werewolves. Deep Reconnaissance and Direct Action are their specialties. Shoutout to Wasteland and Fallout, along with modern elements from current military trends.

Duster texture:…

Ceramic Body Armour texture:…
Jeans texture:…
Kevlar texture:…

The Outcast Swordfighter. Demon-for-Hire. Born into an ultraconservative society obsessed with social face and honor. Viewed as an outcast, for being born out of wedlock and not being a purebreed. Shunned for her mongrel breeding. To overcome the obstacles that laid before her, She took up learning the ways of the sword from disgraced masters living in the mega-slums that surrounded the capital city. After taking down her first captain of industry with a poor-crafted sword made from cheap pig iron, She was gifted with a masterwork Shikomi-zue, crafted to be superior to the plasma-hardened cerasteel katanas that corporate samurai are gifted with. Shoutout to a wide range of jidageki, HKAM and modern Japanese action cinema, with nods to Zatoichi and little bit of Pagan Min from Far Cry 4.

Black polyester texture:…

Kevlar Texture:…

Le Cassette's Arms of Mine makes me imagine two doomed vampire lovers in the 80s. Tragic, bittersweet. Need to draw this.


cpi's Profile Picture
Brandon Lampitoc
Artist | Student | Varied
United States

WHO AM I? creator of worlds and dreams, transmedia artist, transhumanist, possibilian, firearms/airsoft enthusiast, martial artist, caffeine addict, sex symbol, traceur, polymath-in-the-making

CURRENT PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Minneapolis, Minnesota. Stevens Apartments in the Village.

Favorite Quote: "Nothing is absolute. Everything is possible." Hassan-I Sabah

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