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my collection of what can only be described as one poor soul's misguided attempts to do art and writing. mostly like done while lacking sleep and being super-powered by lots of caffeine. and the souls of orphans. rich, tasty orphans. j/k. but only about the last part. everything else is fundamentally true.

Random Favourites

Art on dA that is relevant to my interests, even if its cute and cuddly :3


Stephen Lang as Cable by cpi
Stephen Lang as Cable
Stephen Lang as Cable.

Jumping a little late onto the bandwagon for potential Cable actors for the Deadpool sequel.

Tons of fun illustrating this one. Oh yes.

And yes, I didn't design him with Marvel Hueg in mind, and I didn't give him any futuristic weaponry. I figured someone like Cable would be comfortable with weapons from any time period, considering that He's a time traveling mercenary and whatnot.

I went with the yellow and blue as little nods to Cable's colours in the comic books. I imagine him wearing those colours as a homage to the X-Men, whom He revered growing up in the post-apocalyptic wastelands of his home future.

#fanart #adobeillustrator #stephenlang #stephenlangascable #cable #marveluniverse #marvelcomics #digitalart #tacticalgear #badass
The Punisher fanart by cpi
The Punisher fanart
In anticipation of Daredevil Season Two, Fanart of The Punisher.

I wanted to go with an alternate take on The Punisher. I wanted to obscure his face, and give him ear protection. Also wanted to give him different gear than what He's usually depicted with.

I know that with the recent Punisher stories, they've been updating the gear, but I wanted to push it further.

Definitely loving the details on this one.

Like eyes behind the ballistic lenses that He's wearing. Little details to the rifle that He's using. The sling that He's got on his rifle.

And then came the colouring. I could of easily gone with solid black and completely drown out all of that lovely detail. But I didn't. It honestly would of looked awful if I went that route.
I was also thinking about throwing in some camo, but then I decided against it.

I also decided against making The Punisher Marvel Hueg, as some of the depictions of The Punisher have him with proportions that were borderline inhuman. It was like Capcom Hueg. I'm not a fan of that look.

So yea. Enjoy!

#fanart #marvelcomics #marveluniverse #thepunisher #coloredart #tacticalgear #badass

#fanart #workinprogress #thepunisher #tacticalgear #badass #haleystrategicpartners #d3chestrig
It's been a while since I've done a major update.  Been preoccupied with school,  since this is my last year of school and with work, since I'm in a supervisor position and that takes up a lot of my time. However,  I have been outputting a lot of art. More to come.

Also, did an awesome entry for a contest that my buddies at That Atheist Show were hosting. I will be sharing the entry for that contest on Monday. Gonna be updating this page, along with my website and my deviantArt and redbubble account.  Be on the look out!
Crime Fighting Synthetic Colored by cpi
Crime Fighting Synthetic Colored
Colored Version of my Crime-Fighting Synthetic. I'm pretty damn happy of how this one turned out. Had a blast figuring out the finer points on this one.

Ultimately, I'm proud of it. Could it be refined further? Of course. But for what it's worth, I love it.

I hope you enjoy it too. If not, that's cool as well.

#conceptart #digitalart #adobeillustrator #ruleofcool #worldbuilding #worldbuildingart #goingagainstliteraryanddesignstereotypes #robot #syntheticlifeform #511tactical #hexmag #roboticlawenforcement #roboticwarfighter #coloredconcepart
Crime Fighting Synthetic by cpi
Crime Fighting Synthetic
A work in progress. Needs to be colored and textured for good measure.

Inspired by the work of Aaron Beck & movies like Robocop & Chappie & Daniel Deluxe's "Star Eater"

Gear inspired by 5.11 Tactical Hexgrid MOLLE system, as seen on The Firearms Blog. Magazine for crazy futuristic AR is based on Hexmags.

Law Enforcement/Military/Private Military-Security Combat Synthetic.

Designed & deployed not to replace Human armed combatants, but to assist & supplement them, as a form of electromechanical humanoid-shaped force multiplication.

Fireteams & larger have integrated these buddies into their tactics, allowing for them to draw fire while others are on overwatch & to provide suppressive fire for non-Synthetics as they make their way from cover to cover.

Their synthetic consciousness-intelligence allows for them to learn, to adapt & overcome and they're very eager learners. They are very loyal to the fireteams and larger that they are assigned to.

As long as they are given time to recharge & are given periodic maintenance, they have a shelf life of 150 years plus.

#conceptart #digitalart #adobeillustrator #ruleofcool #worldbuilding #worldbuildingart #goingagainstliteraryanddesignstereotypes #robot #syntheticlifeform #511tactical #hexmag #roboticlawenforcement #roboticwarfighter


cpi's Profile Picture
Brandon Lampitoc
Artist | Student | Varied
United States

WHO AM I? creator of worlds and dreams, transmedia artist, transhumanist, possibilian, firearms/airsoft enthusiast, martial artist, caffeine addict, sex symbol, traceur, polymath-in-the-making

CURRENT PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Minneapolis, Minnesota. Stevens Apartments in the Village.

Favorite Quote: "Nothing is absolute. Everything is possible." Hassan-I Sabah

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