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March 11, 2007
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Saga Weapons 8 by cpi Saga Weapons 8 by cpi

More Weapons to drool over and add to your wishlists, my Friends! :evillaugh: :evillaugh: :evillaugh: I love the service I provide for my gun and weapon-loving friends :)

:bulletred:PDSA Black Wolf 7.62mm Sniper Rifle-The Sniper Rifle of Choice for PSDA Support Fire Specialists(Snipers).

-Based on the Marine M40 Sniper Rifle, This Bolt-Action, Magazine Fed Delay-Blowback Gas Operated Sniper Rifle; utilizes 7.62mm X 51 NATO cartridge bullets

-generally of the Serrated Hollow Point ammo type, for increased stopping power against cyborg targets and supernatural beings.

-It comes with a removable sound/flash suppressor, along with a removable tripod, and utilizes the best digital scopes that money can buy. It has a muzzle velocity, without the suppressor, of 3500 fps, and has an effective range of 2,500 yards.

:bulletred:Mars Arms Hornet's Nest Flechette Pistol-Ah, the Flechette Pistol. The staple of many sci-fi books and cyberpunk stories.

-Mars Arms manufactures the Hornet's Nest, a name brand when it comes to Flechetter Pistol. This beaut of a gun, fires off shells of 5mm Flechettes; a hundred per shell; instantly turning any unarmoured target into a steaming pile of flesh ribbons, and flaying a non-reinforced concrete or ferrocrete wall, in a matter of minutes.

-Can be equipped with various shells, from explosive tipped flechettes, to poison laced flechettes.

:bulletred:Starside Enforcer Disruptor Pistol-The Disruptor. Aside the Gyrojet Pistol and Rifle, no other handheld, man-portable weapon is more feared and in the possession of the Starside Enforcers; than the Disruptor Pistol.

-The Disruptor Pistol, uses a electromagnetic accelerator, to negatively charge compressed copper rings or coils and to propel them.

-The resulting effect, allows for a these compressed copper rings or coils, to break the molecular cohesion between solid objects.

-When charged, the Disruptor Pistol makes a loud humming sound. when it is discharged, the sound the Pistol makes, is similar to the Seismic Charges from Star Wars Episode 2, and leaves behind a trail of negatively charged ions, that are visible from a distance. the Muzzle Velocity of such a weapon, is 5000 fps and has an effective range of 3 miles

:bulletred:Starside Enforcer Gyrojet Rifle-The Big Brother of the SSE's Gyrojet Pistol. Utlizies the same gyrojet ammunition, with a range of 5 miles. Holds up to 50 rounds per clip. Cyborgs and those with sufficient arm strength, can fire this weapon akimbo.

:bulletred:Starside Enforcer Neural Disruptor Baton-This fun little weapon, is the result of SSE Operatives, needing a fast way to take down Criminals with enhanced or superior constiution and physiology, without permanently harming them.

-The result is the Neural Disruptor Baton, which short circuits the nervous system, inducing temporary paralysis. The only drawback, is that its a Melee Weapon; requiring for the Operative to get in close. Does not work against Celestials or Half-Celestials.

:bulletred:NTM Air Force/Navy Pilot Issued SPX Survival Carbine-Issued to All NTM Air Force and Naval Pilots, the Survival Carbine is an essential weapon for them to have.

-In an Age with tamper-proof DNA encoded weapons, the SPX Survival Carbine is a must. It utilizes a 5.56mm x 45 cartridge, and each magazine is equipped with 60 rounds; Jacketed Hollow Points. It utlizes a delay-blowback gas-operated system, to reduce recoil.

:bulletred:Starside Enforcer Hurricane Flechette Rifle-The Big Brother of the Hornet's Nest, the Hurricane holds more rounds(up to 200) and fires much faster than the Hornet's Nest. Does what the Hornet's Nest does, in a smaller amount of time, and to a greater degree of damage.

:bulletred:NTM Plasma Magnetic Clampet Mine-A Soldier's Worse Nightmare. the Ideal anti-personnel, anti-vehicular, anti-structural, anti-aircraft and anti-tank munition; the Plasma Magnetic Clampet Mine is a WMD on a small scale.

-A Single PMCM, can take out a garage of armoured cars and trucks, an infantry of 60 soldiers, a line of Main Battle Tanks, a block of small to medium sized buildings, a NTM Drop Transport Ship and an NTM Attack Tilt Rotor Wing Planes.

-In large numbers, the damage is always more severe and can be absurd at times.

:bulletred:Pipe Bomb-Need I say more? Classic Terrorist Weapon, and commonly used in the Post-Apocalyptic Science Fantasy Space Opera, that is the Saga. the Explosive Components are more deadlier and the damage is more severe, but nevertheless, the look and the psychological effect, is still the same.

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Scyllaa Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2011   Writer
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