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December 4, 2006
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Saga Weapons Set 3 by cpi Saga Weapons Set 3 by cpi

Saga Tech: More Guns and Swords

:bulletred: Wastelander Nomad Zip Personal Defense Weapon- One of Many Wastelander Nomad Weapons. Traditionally, Zip guns, were usually scrapped together, rigged up one-shot weapons. Among Wastelander Communities, Zip Guns are just guns made from various scrapped vehicle components and the like. Caliber is 5.56m X45mm and holds up to 40 rounds, before needing to reload. The magazine is a helical magazine, that is loaded in the back of the gun

:bulletred:Wastelander Nomad Zip Semi-Automatic Pistol-
Standard Hold-out Goodboy Special for Wastelander Nomads. Very common among Outriggers and the like. despite its futurisitc appearance, it utilizes 9mm Parabellum ammunition, of varying ordnance. holds up to 20 rounds per clip

:bulletred:PSDA Blockade Runner 10-Gauge Combat Shotgun-Inspired by the Poseidon Norino Gong 10 Gauge Shotgun, seen in the works of Masamune Shirow, the Blockade Runner is a monster of a combat shotgun.

with a folding stock, and a 14 round magazine, this little crowd pleaser, uses 10-Gauge Compressed Steel Powder Buckshot; to blow holes through Enhanced Kevlar lined car interior and turn enegine blocks into swiss cheese. a favorite among officers of the PSDA(Public Security and Defense Agency), the future's version of the Police.

:bulletred: PSDA Grimwolf 12-Gauge Pump-Action Magazine-Fed Assault Shotgun- The Shoulder Cannon version of the Blockade Runner, the Grimwolf makes the Blockade Runner look like a toygun.

Despite being a 12-Gauge(and thus has a wider spread than the 10-Gauge), the Grimwolf reloads faster, and carries more rounds than the Blockade Runner(up to 20 per magazine). Used in large by PSDA Rapid Response, and by Knights(the equivalent of SWAT)

:bulletred:Wispblade- Wispblade. a sword that is synomyous with perfection. A Wispblade, is the ultimate in non-energy sword construction. They are a symbol of greatness and excellency.

Made to be unbreakable and perpetually sharp, Wispblades are strong enough to deflect gunshots from all calibers, deflect laser and plasma, and slice and deflect gauss rounds and railgun ammunition.

Any design can be made for a Wispblade. the one portrayed, is common design for Solar and Lunar Wispblades.

examples of what would be classified as a Wispblade are as follows: The Sword of the Karas, seen in the Karas series; the Sword of Shimada Kambei from Samurai 7; the Assassin Swords of the Princess Blade

:bulletred:Titan Blade-The Sword of choice for Urthreans, Aethereans and their Half-Breed Offspring, the Titan Blade, is a Sword of great size and weight.

Because of their size and weight, they are used more for bludegoning and hacking attacks, as oppose to the more refined slashes and piercing attacks of the Wispblade. Since they are created by Celestials, they possess the same properties and qualities as the Wispblade, albeit for a weapon of larger size and weight.

:bulletred:Short Wispblade- as the name states, a Shorter version of the Wispblade. Very common and popular among close-quarter specialists, thieves, Corsairs, Pirates, etc.,etc. also possesses the same qualities as the Wispblade and the Titan Blade.

:bulletred:Ashigaru Katana-The standard sidearm for the Ashigaru, the PSDA of Neo-Nippon, and their trademark weapon. Unlike the Daito, which is used by the Samurai; the Ashigaru Katana are shorter, and the tip of the blade doesn't slender near the tip(anybody who says a Daito is a Katana, is wrong; traditional Katana, which everybody is familiar with; doesn't slender near the tip, and isn't as long as it looks like in Kill Bill.

The Daito, before becoming a soley ceremonial blade; was used by Samurai on horseback. the whole point of slender tips, is to give the blade more cutting power on a downward move; which is irrelevant, since it is all a matter of blade quality, arm strength and gravity.

cuts made by a Daito, were much more deeper, which was also irrelevant, because a cut is a cut, and if it draws blood quickly, that's all that matters. deep cuts had a tendency of being superficial, unless they were big enough to cause damage.

Ashigaru Katanas had to be shorter, because they were on foot, and engaged in close quarter combat. They were definitely longer than a kodachi and a wakizashi, but shorter than the daito and o-katana). They are folded up to a million times, to ensure blade strength and durability in melee and sharp enough to slice through reinforced and tempered steel pipe and reinforced dititanium.

:bulletred:Grandsword- The BFG of swords(in this case, its a BFS, Big Fuckin' Sword), the Grandsword, was conceived to be a siege and anti-cavalry weapon, which it does just fine.

it was never meant to be wielded by anyone Human, as the size and weight would tear all the muscles and joints and ligaments in the Human Body, almost instantaneously.

even Enhanced and Awakened Humans, have a hard time wielding the damn time, unless they know a means to lighten the weight, if only for a little bit.

downward overhead swings with this damn sword, cause localized earthquakes that rate 6.5 on the Richter Scale, and if swung fast enough by someone with the appropriate amount of strength, can generated hurricane gale-force winds.

It is common practice, to avoid any Celestial wielding one of these, especially if they are an Exemplar. then you're fucked. just pray to whatever God you believe in, that the Celestial or Celestial Exemplar in question; isn't gunning for you, because nothing short but a Miracle on behalf of the Powers that Be; will save your piddly little ass.

Grandswords vary in size. The one in the pic, would be about close to 10 feet long, handle included. the largest made Grandsword, is something only a mecha would wield, and it's about close to a mile long. even Celestial Exemplars at that point are going "Fuck! I'm gonna need more lifting power, to swing that stupid thing correctly."

All Saga Characters, Weapon Designs and Associated Concepts and the Like, are (c) property of me, Arc Fhynix
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protoassassin1 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
intresting i like the weapons.
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Thanks! These are an older set that I will be redesigning soon.
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great sword designs... awesome detailed gunz... and a huge description O_O
great work ^^
cpi Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2006  Student General Artist
Thank you, thank you, thank you :) I'm glad you enjoy the weapons, my friend :D
NICOLAY-ONE Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2006
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A+ still though
cpi Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2006  Student General Artist
I could do that, yeah, but all in all, I was going for minimalism. after all, Celestial Weapons tend to take a lot of abuse for becoming damage. But I see what you're getting at. besides, I disdain fancy designed weapons.
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